Lab attempt #1

Well, the test results are in and they’re not pretty. I passed the troubleshooting section and failed the configuration – the complete opposite of how I felt after I finished the lab. Upon reflection, I believe I made some bone-headed mistakes due to not reading the questions closely enough. I feel pretty stupid, but maybe I needed to eat some humble pie. 🙂

It’s true what they say about this lab – it’s 80% mental. I knew the material, but my mind was not prepared for the stress. I thought I possibly failed the TS section and this ate away at me during the config section. Every time I pushed this thought away, it would come back stronger.

I feel positive about my next attempt and I’ve already booked the lab (early December). I haven’t turned my lab on in over a week and I’m steeling my mind for another push. I feel like I let some people down (friends, family, co-workers) but they’ve been supportive. I have to get this thing done for them.


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