The Final Stretch

Have about 2 weeks (and some change) to go before the big day.

Just read through Anthony’s expanded blueprint and picked out a dozen items that I’m gonna spend some quality time with over the next couple of weeks. These are items that I’ve already configured and labbed up…but I want to get really down and dirty with them. (I’m looking at you, MSDP).

I want the debug messages to caress my skin. I want to see hex dumps when I close my eyes at night. I want the options to dance on my tongue when I eat dinner. OK, you get the idea.

All joking aside, I’m pretty happy with how my studies have progressed. Looking over the blueprint is a revelation. The amount of material I’ve learned is crazy. It’s also quite humbling, as I realize that this is just the tip of the iceberg in the networking world.

I have to admit that I’m nervous, but pass or fail, I know I’ve come out ahead.


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