Step back and take a new look

My buddy over at made an interesting observation.

At work, I call him over for help all the time when I’m stuck on an issue.

He does the same, occasionally.

Yesterday, after we troubleshooted a very simple access-list issue, he realized that the person who is called over is usually quick to spot the issue.

This gave me some good food for thought on the train ride home.

I think there are two reasons why this happens:

The first reason is that a fresh pair of eyes will look at the big picture.  When you are “in the trenches” and digging around, sometimes you get tunnel vision and miss the obvious.

The other reason is gut instinct.  We all have our methodoliogies when it comes to troubleshooting, but I think we tend to overlook this one.  As we gain experience, we should learn to trust this more and more.  When you look at an issue that someone else is working, you may be more open to using your gut instinct, since you are assuming they’ve looked at the obvious stuff already.

With that being said, I have scheduled my written for next Friday.  You can bet I’ll be using more traditional troubleshooting techniques for that portion of the test.  I have a feeling Cisco wants you to go “by the book”.  🙂


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