Why skip the CCNP?

Rofi from ITDualism (Great blog btw!) asked me why I am skipping the CCNP and I actually got similar comments at work so I figured I might as well address the issue in a new post. I think many people forget that the CCNP is simply a means to an end. For some, it presents career advancement or job placement. Others are trapped in the Certification Treadmill. And then there are others who need a little more guidance in what topics to learn and study. I think I’m somewhere between the latter two. There is no career advancement for me if I obtain my CCNP and I am not going to be looking for a job in the near future. If I did need to find a job, you can bet taking the TSHOOT exam would be high priority. 🙂 So it is only logical that I move forward with the CCIE at this time. If the TSHOOT exam is similar to the troubleshooting section of the CCIE I will probably take it sometime down the road. Right now I am trying to fill my CCIE reading list. There are tons of lists out there and I’m surprised that I already own quite a few of the books people are recommending. I guess that’s one extra perk for using CCIE-level books for CCNP training. 😉 While I feel that I have enough for my core, I am actively hunting for MPLS and QOS books. I am leaning towards MPLS-Enabled Applications and QOS Exam Certification Guide. Any thoughts?


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