The Big Apple

Well, I’m officially in New York now. The past few weeks have been hectic packing and moving. I’m still trying to get settled in, but I’m definitely more comfortable than I was a week ago.

I haven’t had a chance to study but my BCMSN book came in the mail today. Looking forward to jumping back in. I’ve been spending time finishing my resume. Now comes the fun part…applying for jobs. If anyone in NYC is looking for a Jr. Network Engineer, please contact me. 🙂

I wandered around the city today and stumbled into the Strand Bookstore. I loved it and found the BSCI Lab Portfolio for only $20. I already own a copy but if anyone is in the area, grab it. It’s a steal and I think it’s a fantastic book for the BSCI. I wish they had the BCMSN Lab book…maybe next time.

I’m also planning on reviewing some WAN protocols this week. I’d hate to go into an interview and forget how to configure OSPF or something.

Also, now that I’ve settled in a little bit I will probably update the blog more often. 🙂


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