Time to Dive….

I just completed a 6 week project and I feel like a Mt. Everest has been lifted from my shoulders. The project was a complete success but it really devoured my time. The worst part is that it wasn’t networking-related. I still learned a lot from it though and am just glad it’s finally behind me.

My friend gave a lecture yesterday and they asked me to do the introduction at the last minute. I’m not a big fan of public speaking but how could I say no? I decided to start with a joke to loosen myself (and the crowd) up. Of course, the joke bombed and everyone stared at me blank-faced. Haha, I bear no envy towards stand-up comics. 🙂

Now I can finally “Deep Dive” into BSCI. I believe Aragoen Celtdra coined that phrase, I’m not sure, but I like it. I think it describes the process perfectly.

I want to wrap up OSPF this week.


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