First, a big congrats to Aragoen.  His blog is extremely useful for those of us working towards the CCNP and I’m glad he passed.

I realized last week that I really needed to understand frame relay.  Rather than boot up GNS3, I did something for the first time in nearly a year.  Yep, I booted up my real home lab.  And it was pretty interesting.

I have come to take GNS3 for granted.  It’s easy to use and I have forgotten how slow the real routers can be.  But it was the noise that really brought back the memories.  It’s amazing how loud 4-5 routers can get.

Anyways, my goal was to solidify frame relay and I felt that I made some progress.  More than I would have if I just used GNS3.  Maybe it was the cables, or the actual frame relay switch, but I feel a lot more comfortable now with the different OSPF broadcast types.

I’m going to make it a habit of using my real lab more often.  The main drawback was the time commitment (and the noise, lol) but overall it was a good experience.  Plus, I don’t feel guilty spending all that money on the lab. 😉


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