Lab Portfolio update

Well, I got to spend some quality time with the Lab Portfolio this past week. I worked through the EIGRP section. The labs are pretty straight forward and I can only hope the ones on the exam are this clear cut.

Ironically, I spent more time on summarization and (my old nemesis) frame-relay than I did on EIGRP. This is a good thing and I’m feeling a lot more comfortable with both of those topics. I like the way the labs worked in these other topics and are starting to build the big picture with these different technologies.

I also loved the fact that the basic configs and tclscripts were available to download. I can only imagine what a time sink it must be setting up all the interfaces (gotta love those loopbacks) manually. And thanks to GNS3’s nifty project save feature, I was able to repeat any lab I wanted from scratch effortlessly. This will come in handy as I try to integrate spaced reviews into my study schedule.

My only complaint is that I wish there were more troubleshooting scenarios. These are the “fun” labs and I was hoping there would be plenty to work with.  Does anyone have a source for troubleshooting labs?  I’m going to work through the labs in the Authorized Self-Study Guide this weekend to make sure I’ve covered all the material.

Onward to OSPF next week!

After taking a closer look at some of the EIGRP topics, it looks like a few items were not in the Lab Portfolio.  I’m posting these so I’ll remember them.

  • Stub Routing
  • Default Network
  • Lack of administrative distance type stuff (changing metrics, feasible successor, etc)

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