Information Overload

I’ve spent the last two weeks studying and reviewing EIGRP. There is an absolute avalanche of information out there. Here’s what I’ve used so far with some brief comments.
Note: I’ve only spent time with the EIGRP portions of each product.

Doyle Vol 1
There’s a reason why this book is considered a must-have for most aspiring routing students. It’s the first thing I read when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I read before I sleep at night. The book is very detailed but the author doesn’t overwhelm you with the information. Everything is absorb-able. The challenges at the end of the chapter were also nice to reinforce the concepts introduced. The EIGRP section begins with the history of IGRP and the gradual evolution into EIGRP. I read this book while working my way through the two video series (see below).

CBTNuggets Videos
Jeremy’s videos were crucial to my success on the CCNA. He has a very enthusiastic and engaging style which makes the videos very easy to watch. He obviously loves what he does. Most of the topics were covered although some sections were too brief. I also would have liked to see more lab scenarios.

Train Signal Videos
In contrast to the CBTNuggets series, Steve Bryant is a more boring lecturer. My main complaint with this series has to do with him spending too much time on the whiteboard. As I watched the videos, I kept thinking to myself, “Show us the commands on the router!” He did cover the material, but it was too much theory and not enough application.

The BSCI Authorized Self Study Guide
This book is pretty dry so I ended up mostly skimming through it. I will probably use it again when I do my final review for the exam.

Cisco website (loaded with stuff)
I am now reading through the EIGRP section on the DocCD. Now that I am beginning to lab things up, I will definitely be using these resources much more.

So where does that leave me? I’m now working through the BSCI Lab Portfolio (finally). Will post a review when I’m done.


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