Books, books, books…

Hey, what’s that weird looking copy of TCP/IP Routing Vol 1?

Apparently, it’s the “international edition” with the same content as the normal version. Why did I buy this deformed mutation of the book instead of the normal one? I saved $55 off the list price, so it was a no brainer to me.

In fact, I would recommend you check out for all your book buying needs. It worked great for me in college and if you buy as many books as I do, it really adds up.

I’ve spent the last 4 days going over EIGRP.  I started with the Doyle book and went to the self-study guide afterwards.  I still can’t wrap my head around it all.  I know it will become much more clear once I start doing some labs.  I need to see the debug packets in action as I change the metrics, bring some links down, and cause general havoc.  I have a feeling it will all come together.

The thing that I am really getting out of the Doyle book are the great troubleshooting sections.  I’m not sure how many CCNP candidates get to play with routing protocols in the real world on a regular basis, but the scenarios and case studies in the book are fantastic.  The lab section in the self-study guide do not seem to be as thorough, but I’m sure they are enough to cover the exam objectives.  I will be hitting up the Lab Portfolio this weekend as well.  I’m certain that these three resources will consume every last minute of my time this weekend…I probably shouldn’t have ordered this, hehe.


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